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Grow Individually, Change Collectively

Find your next step in fostering an anti-racist heart, family, and community.

We believe the key to creating a more equitable world is learning to lead ourselves, our families, and our community toward anti-racism. We also understand that knowing how to make a difference can be overwhelming. The Anti-Racism Collective is here to support you every step of the way. We aim to help you discover your anti-racism voice and use it to make meaningful and lasting change. 

Offerings are open to those living and working in Edina and around the Twin Cities.

Meet & Greet is a small group gathering of existing community members and those interested in the offerings of the Collective.

Fiction Book Club

We've made it easy to continue exploring racism and supremacy from the vantage point of fiction writers.

(un)Learning 101, formerly Learning to Lead is our entry series into exploring personal and collective change. ​

People of Faith

People of Faith for Anti-Racism gathers partners across faith communities to work together to support racial equity and healing.

The 1619 Project Docu-series focuses on how enslavement of people shapes contemporary American life. 

Praying Together
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