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(un)Learning 101
Formerly Learning to Lead

Welcome to (un)Learning 101 – your go-to place for diving into your discovery of anti-racism. This 5-session entry series explores how racism and enslavement impact our understanding of history, workplace, and community. Let your anti-racism journey begin.

At (un)Learning 101, we're all about creating a space where you can freely explore the ins and outs of racism and white supremacy. It's like a safe haven where you can dig deep, learn, and grow.

We get it – this stuff can be tricky and complex. But guess what? We're here to break it down, form relationships, and empower you with the tools to make a real change. Get ready to join us on a personal and collective transformation journey. 

Ready to kickstart your anti-racism adventure? Learning 101 is the place to be. SIGN UP below. Let's be the difference!

Learning 101 is open to all community members; living in Edina is not required.

Join Us for (un)Learning 101

Beginning September 24, 2024

Open to everyone in any location
Tuesday evenings 7-8:15
9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/5, 11/19

To register, please complete the form below. We will send confirmation and Zoom links before the beginning of the group. We are confident, from our experience, that this opportunity will be enriching and worth your time. 

(un)Learning 101 Sign-Up

Look for a zoom link and detailed information about the sessions arriving in your inbox.

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