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Advanced (un)Learning

Have you completed (un)Learning101 or Learning to Lead?  Are you still wanting to unpack, learn and unlearn more?  Please join us for an Advanced (un)Learning.  We will dive into more difficult material.  The sessions will be conducted the same was as our (un)Learning101 series, with the majority of our time spent in small group conversations.

In the past we have completed the 1619 Project (the book and docuseries) by Nikole Hannah-Jones and Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad.  

Facilitated by Sayali Amarapurkar


To join the conversation, please register below. Completion of Learning to Lead (retitled (un)Learning 101) is required.


Advanced (un)Learning
Have you completed Learning to Lead?

Thank you for registering for the 1619 DocuSeries Discussion. Look for session information to arrive to your inbox in the beginning of September.

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